LATEST: Charlie Sheen's parents have gone public with their distaste about press reports suggesting the actor's wild ways were responsible for his recent split from wife Denise Richards.

The former Bond girl shocked Hollywood last month (FEB05) when she filed for divorce from the former bad boy, leading to speculation the actor had returned to his womanising ways.

Neither Sheen nor Richards have spoken about the reasons for their split, but now his father Martin Sheen has issued a statement to the US media, urging them to lay off his son - because the split is not his fault.

Sheen states, "While we profoundly care, we have never interfered with our adult children's romantic relationships or marriages. What happens between two people in a relationship or marriage is so private and deeply personal that it is not possible for anyone outside to truly understand or judge responsibly.

"The marriage between Charlie and Denise is no exception. Having clarified that, we cannot remain silent during what appears to be a ruthless and savage attack by the media on Charlie's character.

"To imply that he is in any way regressing to the behaviour (sic) that cost him so dearly and almost ended his life just seven years ago is not only the lowest form of journalism, but sinks to the level of defamation.

"With the graves of some of our brightest young talent still fresh, it would behoove us all to pause and give thanks for Charlie's remarkable success and heroic recovery."

22/03/2005 22:06