TV bosses have outlined their reasons for firing Charlie Sheen from hit sitcom Two And A Half Men, accusing the troubled actor of putting his work at risk by engaging in "dangerously self-destructive conduct".
Warner Bros. executives announced on Monday (07Mar11) that Sheen has been kicked off the show, putting an end to his war with producers since falling out with writer/creator Chuck Lorre publicly in January (11).
In an 11-page letter sent to Sheen's lawyer, attorney John W. Spiegel cites the clauses in the actor's current contract which he has violated, and backs up his points with quotes the star has given in his media blitz.
The letter of termination begins, "Your client has been engaged in dangerously self-destructive conduct and appears to be very ill."
Sheen is accused of refusing to work under the terms of his deal after he said he would come back next season "but not with the turds they have in place". His boasting about taking "seven-gram rocks" of cocaine is also included in a section on the legal concept of moral turpitude, which refers to conduct contrary to accepted morals.
Sheen is also said to have infuriated his bosses after missing rehearsals, forgetting his lines and losing 20 pounds (nine kilograms) last year (10).