Charlie Sheen is heading back to court in a bid to prevent his former wife Denise Richards from phoning him whenever she likes. The actor, who is newly engaged to actress Brooke Mueller, also hopes to revisit child custody terms he shares with his ex Richards. In a frank interview with TV News show Entertainment Tonight, Sheen states, "What I am doing is pursuing a relationship with my daughters that is unpolluted." Sheen suggests he is unhappy with his ex-wife's choice of nanny for his daughters Sam, three, and Lola, two. He adds, "(We want it to be) somebody that we have chosen, not somebody who at times will go back and talk about the things that happened or didn't happen." But it's his new attack on former Bond girl Richards which will shock many, who thought the former couple's disputes were behind them. Sheen explains, "(I'd like it) that phone calls to the house would only happen in a medical emergency with one of the children. "When I'm here with the girls, I don't need to be answering the phone 20 times a day. If there's a problem, I'll call."