Charlie Sheen grew frustrated with Lindsay Lohan on the set of Scary Movie 5 because the troubled actress refused to rehearse their scenes together.

Lohan shares the screen with the former Two and a Half Men star in the new horror spoof, but she was dogged by rumours of on-set drama after reportedly missing her flight to the shoot and skipping wardrobe fittings.

Sheen has now revealed that although he "felt bad for her", he was also annoyed when Lohan refused to rehearse with him.

He tells, "I felt bad for her. I was with some of her team the night before making sure she got on this plane, and all I wanted to do was rehearse the scene with her one-on-one because I have a lot of experience in this genre. But I couldn’t get her to rehearse it, so we only met in the make-up trailer about five minutes before shooting."

When Sheen heard about Lohan's financial troubles, which included a hefty tax bill, he handed over $100,000 (£62,500) to help settle her debts. The actor now reveals he made the decision when he found out he was being paid a lot more than his co-star.

He adds, "They offered me a ton of dough for one day, half a mil (million). But then they said they were going to cut it in half when they were hiring Lindsay. I asked her how much she was being paid, and she said $100,000, so I just gave her $100,000 of their money. Paying it forward."