Charlie Sheen hugely anticipated new sitcom 'Anger Management' premiered on the FX channel on Thursday (June 28, 2012), though it didn't get the sparkling reviews that most had expected. It was a surprise to many when Sheen announced he would be starring in a show based on the Jack Nicholson movie of the same name, and some critics are not convinced the plan has worked.
Though not everyone slated the series, most reacted indifferently, with the Los Angeles Times saying, "It is not a train wreck; it's just a train - chugging along from A to B, carrying the people, delivering the freight". The Washington Post gave an almost identical review, saying, "Nothing in Anger Management is all bad, but not much of it is better than half-good". Then things get a little worse, with the New York Magazine writing, "The dialogue is so weak, the characters so thin, and Sheen's performance so uncommitted that Anger Management sleepwalks across the screen", while TV Guide said, "With its deafening laugh track and its banal barrage of gamy insult humor, it intrudes on FX's otherwise distinctive comedy lineup like an obnoxious drunk uncle who's not as funny as he thinks he is". The Huffington Post provided the final nail in the coffin, saying, "Despite the careful attention to image enhancement possibilities, the core ugliness and toxic narcissism of Anger Management are impossible to ignore".
Though the ratings for the first episode are yet to be announced, fans of Sheen will no doubt be telling themselves that things can only get better. The Hollywood star could reportedly earn up to $100 million if the FX Channel order a bulk of episodes, though whether they will commit remains to be seen.