Word has been pretty rife lately that the new Charlie Sheen show Anger Management is to be renewed for another 90 episodes, so when the boss of the network that produces the show all but admits that the show is going to be renewed then it's as good as fact.
Speaking to reporters at FX's TCA presentation on Saturday, John Landgraf said that "We [FX] won't make a decision on the [order] until all 10 episodes have aired."
Given the audience feedback and viewing figures however, then there shouldn't be too much to consider. This good news will also be joined by word that Martin Sheen will be joining the crew as a recurring character should it be given it's 90-show boost. Sheen senior will join his real-life son on the show, taking on the role of his on screen father.
Meanwhile, at the TCA presentation, Landgraf also admitted that the much-applauded Louie will gets a fourth season, with LOUIS C.K. probably continuing his many duties of writing, editing, directing, starring and producing the show.
American Horror Story will also be renewed, although not much was said about the secrecy behind the scenes. Also Russell Brand's show for the network, BrandX, has had seven more episodes commissioned, although Landgraf did say that there would be changes coming to the show.