It seems Charlie Sheen is returning to some form of normality, following a turbulent 2011 during which he admits to being "deluded". The television star's new sitcom 'Anger Management' is about to premiere on FX, and he's slated to appear at the family-friendly MTV Movie Awards later this month.
However, during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the Hollywood bad boy hints that he still has feelings for his ex-wife Denise Richards, who incidentally guest stars in 'Anger Management'. In his cover story for the magazine, Erik Hedegaard writes that Sheen is still bewitched by Richards. The actor still takes vacations with the actress and their children, and said, "It's tough being on trips with her sometimes.I don't want the kids to walk in on us, you know?" While Sheen admits the two "couldn't stand each other" until roughly a year ago, he says the pair have since "patched things up", adding, "She still looks f*cking great.Do I want to? Yeah! Does she? Don't know". As for his infamous behaviour in 2011, the television star claims he wasn't on drugs at the time, but "can't explain" where it all came from.
The public meltdown inevitably lost Sheen his lucrative role on 'Two and a Half Men', though he hopes to get the last laugh with 'Anger Management'. If the series reaches a certain ratings level that obligates FX to purchase 90 episodes, Sheen stands to earn "up to $200 million".