CHRISTINA WALSH, the porn-star who also goes by the name of CAPRI ANDERSON, is planning to file a lawsuit against Charlie Sheen for endangering her life after she was trapped in the suite of the actor's hotel room last week, reports
After the 'Platoon' star caused a disturbance at New York City's Plaza Hotel last week, 22-year-old Walsh was reportedly found to be in the actor's hotel room once he had left with authorities. Walsh is now said to be suing Sheen after feeling that she was held in the suite against her own will. She also claims that the actor went on a rampage in the room after not being able to find his mobile phone and wallet. Despite the allegations, Walsh had been dining with the actor at a restaurant in the city just hours before the incident took place. It was reported last week that Sheen's ex-wife Denise Richards joined the couple, before leaving shortly after. A source close to Walsh said that she was left 'extremely afraid' of Sheen and decided to call hotel security because she felt 'threatened' by the sitcom star.
45-year-old Sheen played down the incident, and after undergoing a psychiatric evaluation, returned to Los Angeles where he began filming an episode of his hit sitcom, 'Two and a Half Men'.