Charlie Sheen won't seek sole custody of his twins Bob and Max.

The 'Anger Management' star's ex-wife Brooke Mueller, who is the mother of Bob and Max, 10, recently checked into a trauma centre in order to try to tackle her substance abuse problem and the boys are currently staying with their grandparents.

And sources close to Charlie, 53, say he is reluctant to fight Brooke for sole custody of their sons right now as he is worried it will ''send her into a worse tailspin''.

A source told the New York Post's Page Six: ''Charlie is not ready to seek sole custody of his kids with Brooke. He's worried it will send her into a worse tailspin. And if he would seek sole custody, there would be a replay of all of his deeds over the years.''

Charlie - who is one year sober since January - has also reportedly told friends that he is privately furious with Brooke.

The insider added: ''Charlie is very upset over the situation. Basically, he feels she is using the child-support money [he pays her] to get high.''

Brooke's mother and stepfather are reportedly looking after the boys at Brooke's Beverly Hills home and Charlie has insisted that he and his parents will work with them to protect Bob and Max.

He told The Blast: ''Between myself and the boys' two amazing sets of grandparents, we continue to seamlessly love, shelter and protect Bob and Max from the haphazard choices and unsightly behaviour their mom refuses to extinguish once and for all.''

News that Brooke has sought treatment comes after footage - which was supposedly captured a year ago - was published by Page Six featuring her preparing to smoke what appeared to be crystal meth inside a van.

In the clip, she held what seemed to be a drug pipe and asked the person filming her: ''Just how am I gonna wake up tomorrow, and who's gonna drive me?

''That's why it had to be you guys. That's why I thought you guys were doing it. I'm not gonna be able to wake up with - this is what you don't get. I'm not gonna be able to get on the plane.''