Charlie Sheen won't cut Brooke Mueller off completely but wants his child support payments to be reduced.

The 'Anger Management' star, who is reportedly set to earn between $75 million and $200 million if he completes the 100-episode order for the series, doesn't think his ex-wife should get $55,000 per month while his other ex-wife Denise Richards has temporary custody of his and Brooke's twins, Max and Bob.

A source told gossip website that the 47-year-old actor's attorney, Mark Gross, filed legal docs in court this week ''that are asking the judge to reduce the child support payment to Brooke at this time, since she doesn't have custody of the boys and is currently in rehab.''

The insider added: ''It's a child support modification request. Charlie doesn't want to completely cut her off, and doesn't want to kick her when she is down. However, he doesn't think it's fair that he should pay the entire $55,000.''

But sources close to Brooke, 35, have insisted she will fight to maintain her current payment, saying: ''(She) is going to absolutely fight Charlie's attempt to reduce the child support. She feels that Charlie just wants the kids taken away from her so he won't have to pay her anymore.''

A source close to the Los Angeles County of Department of Children & Family Services previously said the socialite faces ''a laundry list of things'' she must do if she is to ever regain custody of her four-year-old sons again.

A hearing is set for the end of July in which the judge is expected to extend Denise's temporary guardianship of the twins for at least another six months.