The former porn star sued Sheen on Thursday (03Dec15), accusing him of failing to disclose he was HIV-positive before they had unprotected sex.

In Rossi's lawsuit, she claims the former Two and a Half Men star was also verbally and physically abusive and asked her to have an abortion in March, 2014 due to health fears for the baby. She is suing for unspecified damages for claims including emotional distress, false imprisonment and negligence.

On Monday (07Dec15), Sheen and his lawyer Marty Singer fired back at Rossi by filing documents in Los Angeles Superior Court calling for dismissal of the complaint.

In the papers, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Singer states Sheen was never violent towards his former partner, but alleges Rossi "attempted to extort millions of dollars by disclosing Sheen's medical condition even though she had signed a confidentiality agreement."

In November (15), Sheen revealed he was diagnosed with HIV in 2011, but in Rossi's lawsuit, she claims she had been having sex with him for several months starting in 2013, and only learned of his diagnosis after finding HIV medication in his medicine cabinet.

Sheen previously insisted he had informed every sexual partner about his HIV status before engaging in intercourse.

"Rossi is banking on the fact that Sheen will pay her millions of dollars to avoid the negative publicity surrounding this action," Singer states in the dismissal request. "Rossi was well aware of Sheen's medical condition and was the one who insisted upon having unprotected sex with Sheen."

Singer's request also suggests Rossi "wants revenge" to punish her former fiance for "breaking off their engagement and cutting her off financially."

Sheen was engaged to Rossi in February, 2014, but they split before their November, 2014 wedding.