The former Two and a Half Men star took to Twitter late on Wednesday (28Dec16) and seemingly made reference to the latest celebrity deaths this year (16), following the loss of Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher and her actress mother Debbie Reynolds on Tuesday (27Dec16) and Wednesday, respectively.

"Dear God; Trump next, please!," Sheen tweeted, adding, "Trump next, please! Trump next, please! Trump next, please! Trump next, please! Trump next, please!"

He has yet to comment further on the message, but he pinned it to the top of his Twitter page.

It has already been 'favourited' more than 39,000 times by other Twitter users, but the post has been heavily criticised by others, who blasted Sheen for his morbid message.

"Charlie Sheen is now exploiting tragedy as an excuse to attack President-elect Trump. Very sad," one person wrote, and another added, "Once again, @charliesheen reinforces the knowledge that he is a despicable human being."

Conservative Fox News reporter Howie Kurtz also weighed in on the controversy, tweeting, "Charlie Sheen, after deaths of Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds, tweets a plea to God for Trump to be next. This is sick. Should be condemned".

Remarking on Sheen's own troubled past with drugs, he added, "How did we reach a point where it's ok to wish death on someone over political differences? Charlie Sheen has led such an exemplary life?"

Other Twitter users wondered if Sheen's post would prompt an investigation from Secret Service officials as he didn't directly threaten Trump's life.

The real estate mogul and reality star-turned-politician has not commented on the controversy.