Charlie Sheen is 'suffering from the pain of his divorce', says Michael Lohan, the father of actress Lindsay Lohan. 45-year-old Sheen checked himself into hospital yesterday (26th October 2010) after causing a disturbance at the New York Plaza hotel, but 50-year-old Lohan says the 'Platoon' stars simply needs support.
Speaking to, Lohan said, "Addiction is a long road to recovery. I think Charlie too suffers from the pain of his divorce, like so many others do. Recovery is about filling the cracks in our lives. Filling them up so that we can have strong ground to stand on". Lohan has battled with his own domestic problems in the past, and says he is "praying' for Sheen and his family in this difficult time.
Sheen had been spending time with his ex-wife Denise Richards and their two children in New York, but authorities were called to the hotel late last night after security staff found the actor to be 'disorderly'. Police commissioner Raymond Kelly said, "No arrests were made. It's not a complaint", and the actor's publicist played down the situation by saying the 45-year old had suffered "an adverse allergic reaction to some medication".