Charlie Sheen's former fiancee has branded him ''delusional''.

Brett Rossi, who is also known as Scottine Ross, filed a lawsuit against the 'Anger Management' star in 2015 after claiming he did not tell her he is HIV+ and she insists he deserves to be punished.

Admitting these days they ''only speak through attorneys'', she told ''I think anyone who is delusional enough to think that they are above the law, above common courtesy or simply think that because they have amazing doctors who have made their HIV+ blood have an 'undetectable viral load' and manipulate sex partners into thinking they are not contagious.... should be punished.''

Charlie has insisted his former fiance knew about his HIV status and claimed she ''insisted'' on unprotected sex, and denied her allegations he was physically abusive and forced her to have an abortion after she became pregnant with their child.

However, despite the bitterness between them, the 28-year-old porn star is using her past as a learning experience.

She told ''If I knew what I know now about addiction and my past relationship with an addict who was abusive toward me both physically and emotionally, I would have told myself not to dwell and to love myself more.

''To accept things for what they are and that the events that happened were not my fault, and to not become a victim of what society thinks of me simply, because my job is unconventional to the average America..''

And these days, Brett couldn't be happier because she's found love again and has started working on virtual porn.

She said: ''I'm doing wonderful! I just got engaged and I couldn't be happier in my personal life.

''I've been working a lot. Doing stand up comedy, performing [in adult films], and I just started directing.

''I personally enjoyed doing VR scenes with Reality Lovers, because it's all very intimate. It's a one-on-one setting type of feel when filming. Not to mention, I feel I have more control during the scene.''