Charlie Sheen has revealed the first details of his new mystery television project, saying the premise of the sitcom will be based on a movie by the Hollywood producer Joe Roth, according to Sheen is reportedly close to agreeing a deal to return to television, following his sacking from 'Two and a Half Men' this year.
After being spotted in Beverly Hills on Tuesday (5th June 2011), Sheen was asked for clues about his new show, in which he allegedly plays a character similar to his 'Charlie Harper' creation. The actor responded, "I don't want to piss Joe Roth off ... it's a movie he produced a few years ago. I don't know if i was supposed to say anything". Roth has worked on numerous high-profile flicks in recent years, including 'Knight and Day' starring Tom Cruise, 'Mona Lisa Smile' starring Julia Roberts and Tim Burton's 'Alice and Wonderland' remake. When pushed for more clues, Sheen responded, "Look through his films and you'll see which one makes the most sense ... and it's not "Coup de Ville". After being pressed further, Charlie cryptically responded with the letters 'A.M'. The only Roth movie that vaguely relates to the letters is the 1979 comedy 'Americathon' about a young television consultant hired by the President to organise a telethon in order to prevent the bankrupt country from being repossessed by Native Americans.
It was recently announced that Charlie Sheen will be the subject of a Comedy Central 'roast' in September, although the line-up for the show is yet to be announced.