The former Two and Half Men actor was first linked to British reality TV star in June (16) after they were seen sightseeing together in London, after they met at the launch party for the Lelo Hex condom, which the HIV positive star is promoting.

Jess has finally spoken out about their rumoured relationship to reveal they have been texting and video calling each other every day since he flew back to America and he's even invited her to stay at his Los Angeles home, and that she isn't fazed by his health diagnosis.

"There are measures to be taken because of his HIV," she told British newspaper Daily Star Sunday. "But we're in an age where that isn't the end of your life. I wouldn't rule anything out.

"It's early days. We're getting to know each other. In a way, his HIV diagnosis means I'll have to get to know him better before we go any further, which is a good thing."

Jess, 27, also revealed she has received a barrage of online abuse from trolls after she was linked to the star.

"I have had tweets calling me a s**g and saying 'now you've got HIV'. And other people were calling me 'AIDs Girl,'" she said.

Charlie revealed he wished they were together when asked about the rumours by Britain's Guardian newspaper in June (16).

"She was at the launch party last night, and now - now all the tabloids are saying we're together!" he said. "It's the one time I wanted the story to be true! But I'm the f**king Aids guy, so what am I going to say? 'Come to the hotel and have a scone?' It's s**t city, man. What's my opening line? 'Wanna come up and risk your life?'"

Charlie, 50, went public with his HIV positive diagnosis in November, 2015.