The American actor and British reality TV star first sparked speculation in June (16), after they were spotted sightseeing in London together. They met at the Lelo Hex condom launch party, the condom brand that Charlie, 50, is an ambassador for.

Now Jess has let lip there might be more than just romance on the cards.

“They’ve been talking to me about doing a reality show with Charlie over in America,” she said of Charlie’s management team, reports Britain’s Daily Star newspaper.

“They’ve been giving me some ideas. One was doing something along the lines of Nanny 101 which would see me being the nanny. That would be hilarious because I’ve never looked after kids and I know that I’d be pretty useless with them. They’d probably tie me up or something. But that was the funny idea we had and it sounds good.”

Charlie has twin sons Max and Bob, seven, with ex-wife Brooke Mueller, daughters Sam, 12, and Lola, 11, with ex-wife Denise Richards and grown up daughter Cassandra, 31, with his high school girlfriend, Paula Profit.

While Jess didn’t comment on her relationship status, her interview comes after Charlie shot down rumours they were dating. The former Two and a Half Men star admitted last year that he was HIV-positive, and says that’s the reason he and Jess are not an item.

“She was at the launch party last night, and now – now all the tabloids are saying we're together!” he told Britain's The Guardian newspaper.

"It's the one time I wanted the story to be true! But I'm the f**king Aids guy, so what am I going to say? 'Come to the hotel and have a scone?' It's sh*t city, man. What's my opening line? 'Wanna come up and risk your life?'"