Brooke Mueller is "doing a lot better" since she was hospitalised following a run-in with police in Utah last month (Nov16), according to her sister Sydney Wolofsky.

The realtor sparked a missing persons alert after she and her seven-year-old twins with Sheen, Max and Bob, skipped a welfare check call.

Mueller was taken to a Salt Lake City hospital for an evaluation before entering rehab.

"She woke up in the hospital after detox and my mom asked her what she wanted to do at this point, and she was the one that said, 'I want to go back into rehab, and I want to stay there for a while'," Sydney tells Entertainment Tonight.

Mueller's mother, Moira Fiore, has taken over guardianship of the boys, and she is living at her house, according to the outlet.

The twins are doing well since their mother entered rehab, and they will be visiting her over the holidays.

"We're going to go over to visit and just spend time with her," Wolofsky adds. "My brother, his wife and two kids, my parents and I are going to go to Utah to spend Christmas with her.

"We send her pictures and videos of them all the time. Her whole life revolves around the boys... and they miss her and really love her. They know what's going on, and that mom's getting help."

But Mueller's determined not to leave rehab until she's clean and sober: "It's impressive how in control she gets after the fact. She's the one that's like, 'I don't want to leave for a little while, I need to really work on myself'," Wolofsky says. "I know that she doesn't want to leave until she is... totally sober with no temptations of any kind, which is really smart on her part."