Charlie Sheen is to appear on screen with his father, Martin Sheen in a parody of legendary movie Apocalypse Now.
The short was filmed for Comedy Central to mark Charlie's recent comedy roast and sees the father and team appear together for the first time since a Two-and-a-Half Men episode six years ago. Martin Sheen has so far been reluctant to speak about his son's recent behaviour which has resulted in him being fired from his hit TV show after a series of attacks on the show's producers, however, appearing alongside Charlie is a clear sign of support. Speaking to Comedy Central creative director Ari Douthit said "we were fantasizing about doing something on Apocalypse Now with Charlie for a month. Charlie came in and he could recite the entire movie from beginning to end." While Vice-President of production, Jonas Larsen said "We never imagined that would happen."
Charlie Sheen was born in New York City and is a member of a distinguished acting family with his father and three siblings all being actors. After appearing in several low key movies before he broke into the Hollywood mainstream starring in Oliver Stone's Vietnam epic Platoon. He recently reprised his role as Bud Fox in 2010 movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and is also currently filming new movie She Wants Me, which is the story of a writer who must choose between his girlfriend and a Hollywood actress to star in his new script.