Charlie Sheen played baseball with his dad on the set of classic war movie Apocalypse Now in a desperate effort to cheer up the actor as he battled alcoholism.
Martin Sheen has spoken candidly about his battle with booze on the set of the film and director Francois Ford Coppola recently revealed in a GQ interview that his star was so close to death at 36 a priest was called to the set to read him his last rites.
The moviemaker insists Charlie was hit hardest by his father's struggles.
When his remarks were read to the Wall Street star during a TV interview with Access Hollywood, Sheen recalled the trip to the Philippines, where he watched his father battle the booze.
The embattled star says, "It was shocking to see him walk up on a cane, but I brought a couple of gloves and a baseball and we just threw the ball every day... It was the only exercise he could really do and it was the only thing I knew how to do that I could offer... Those are fabulous memories."
The younger Sheen is now battling his own substance abuse issues and is currently in rehab after a series of wild parties, which ended with his hospitalisation with an apparent hernia.