In the first scene of Charlie Sheen 's new comedy 'Anger Management' - which premieres on Thursday (June 28, 2012) on the FX channel - his character hits a punch bag and yells, "You can't fire me. I quit!".
The line is a clear nod to his bad-boy days of 2011, in which he left 'Two and a Half Men' following a very public meltdown. Reuters notes that in the final moments of Thursday's episode, Sheen's character jumps into bed with a woman he meets. The behaviour may sound almost identical to that of his 'Men' character Charlie Harper, though the makers of 'Management' say their show is different. Creator Bruce Helford explained, "It's a really interesting evolution for Charlie Sheen, as well as for the character". He went on to concede that the writers certainly wanted to reference Sheen's "craziness" in 2011, saying, "Charlie and I both agreed that for the first couple of episodes, people are going to be watching largely because of all that craziness last year. So we thought, let's have some fun with that", adding, "But by episode three, it's got to be about the show and the characters. Charlie has moved on from that. He is trying to prove himself, make amends". Based on the 2003 comedy of the same name, 'Anger Management' sees Sheen play the 'Jack Nicholson' role - a 'non-traditional' therapist'.
It's been a relatively quick route back into television for Sheen, whose behaviour last year prompted some fans to question whether he'd be alive much longer, never-mind when he would return to sitcoms. During a recent interview with Playboy magazine, he called the weeks and months following his firing from 'Men' as "a psychotic break".