Charlie Sheen drunkenly gave a baseball worth £1.6 million to Zac Efron.

The 'Major League' star recently discovered his prized sporting item - signed by baseball legend Babe Ruth, who died in 1948 aged 53 - was missing from his collection and eventually remembered he had given it away to his 25-year-old pal after a night out.

As Charlie had been drunk he initially couldn't remember giving the unique piece of memorabilia to Zac.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Charlie is a baseball fan. He is really proud of the array of stuff, old and new, that he has amassed and keeps it in a special room in his Los Angeles mansion.

''One evening he and Zac had been having a wild boys' night at Charlie's. Charlie showed him his collection and Zac was blown away by the 1920s signed Babe Ruth baseball which he'd bought at auction for £1.6 million.

''Charlie got it out and suddenly told him it was all his, that Zac could keep it.''

The 47-year-old actor is desperate to get the baseball back from Zac but is unsure how he can ask for it without offending the 'High School Musical' star.

The source added: ''Now he doesn't quite know how to ask Zac for the ball back.''