Charlie Sheen has unveiled a new 'winning' Tattoo.

The 45-year-old actor unveiled the etching on his wrist during his debut hour-long radio show 'Sheen's Korner', in which he also denied claims he suffers from bi-polar disorder, proclaiming himself instead to be "bi-winning".

After showing his tattoo and holding up a bottle named 'Tiger Blood', he said: "That is what we're all doing. Winning."

He then launched a rant against addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky, who has claimed the actor may have a mental disorder.

He said: "I'm not bi-polar. I'm bi-winning."

Meanwhile, Charlie - who is currently living with two girlfriends, porn star Bree Olson and part-time model Natalie Kenly - has revealed a love for former drug-addict and comedian Russell Brand, claiming he is "awesome".

He said: "He's a mad genius. He's a gift to all thing Galactic and extragalactic. He's got liquid magic.

"You don't speak to him, you just absorb him. He really doesn't care what people think - but they think he's awesome and they're right. He's awesome every second of every day because he's a winner."

He has also professed he wants to become a topless model photographer for UK newspapers and admitted he would love to date a British girl.

Referring to the scantily-clad models who traditionally pose on the third page of UK tabloids, he told The Sun newspaper: "I am coming to work for you guys. Page 3 is winning! I love it.

"I know all about Page3 girls. There are some awesome British women. But I haven't actually dated that many, unfortunately. Maybe we could do something about that."