Michael Roth, whose company Aeg owns the Staples Center in Los Angeles, has defended a decision to bar actor Charlie Sheen from the arena after he stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. The former 'Two and a Half Men' star delivered an expletive-laden tirade at one of the arena's security staff after he was refused re-entry into an Nfl game.
Roth told the Los Angeles Times that signs inside and outside the arena clearly state that once people exit the building, they cannot return. He added that the policy was used at "nearly every other venue where tickets are required for entry". Roth declined to comment on his employees actions, but did add, "We regret that any patron would direct such abusive language at one of our employees". Sheen had been watching the Los Angeles Kings take on the New Jersey Devils in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final, when he briefly left the arena for a cigarette. When he was denied re-entry, the actor hurled abuse at a female employee, before yelling, "What does common sense dictate?".
Sheen drew intense media attention last year, after a very public meltdown. His various television appearances, tweets, and live performances won him a cult following, and the actor boasted he was "banging seven-gram rocks". However, during a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Sheen claimed he was not on drugs at the time, though added, "I don't see what's wrong with a few drinks. What's your drink? Tequila? Mine's vodka".