Charlie Sheen has admitted he did bring a ''lady of the night'' to Denise Richards' Thanksgiving dinner.

The 48-year-old actress claimed earlier this week that her ex-husband - whom she was married to from 2002 to 2006, and with whom she has two daughters, Sam, 15, and Lola, 13 - once turned up at her door for the lavish spread she had arranged in celebration of the US national holiday with a prostitute on his arm.

And now, the 'Anger Management' star has confirmed the story is true, as he referred to the woman as a ''turkey'' with ''robust'' thighs.

In a statement given to People magazine in the form of a poem via his publicist Jeff Ballard, Charlie wrote: ''Yes, her story regarding Thanksgiving is absolutely true.

''The turkey I brought was, in fact, a lady of the night and a bit of a harlot.

''The thighs were especially robust.''

Denise told her story during Tuesday's (21.05.19) episode of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills', where she claimed Charlie, 53, had ''a hooker in a car'' when he arrived at her house for Thanksgiving, and she allowed him to bring her inside to have dinner with them.

She explained: ''My ex-husband's aged me terribly.

''Charlie came over for Thanksgiving for dinner a few years ago and he had a hooker in a car in the driveway, and he was afraid to tell me.

''I said, 'I'll set a f***ing plate.' Even a hooker deserves to have Thanksgiving dinner!''

The former couple have tried to keep an amicable relationship over the years for the sake of their two daughters.

But Denise said recently that she feared she ''did a disservice'' to her girls by trying to conceal the full extent of her problems with their father from them as they grew up.

She said previously: ''It's surreal when you start to see your kids become adults. It makes me cry.

''I just feel like I f***ed up a lot with their dad.

''I don't want them to look back at their childhood and remember [fights] ... My girls have been through a lot. How I chose to relate to the dysfunction that was going on with their father was to hide it from the kids. I don't know if I did a disservice or not. ... It just made me realise how fast it goes. Life is so short and their childhood is so short.''