Charlie Sheen returns to the television this month, with his much hyped comedy series 'Anger Management', though there was point in 2011 when fans of the actor feared for his life, let alone his next project. After initially playing down the furore, Sheen has finally admitted the epic meltdown that led to his sacking from 'Two and a Half Men'.
Speaking to Playboy magazine, the actor explained, "I started to unravel.I finally just said things I had always been thinking. But in the middle of a psychotic break". Sheen admits he never anticipated losing his job, or becoming the talk of the entire world, saying, "Yeah. It was surreal.And it never occurred to me where this was going to end up or how it was going to be perceived". Sheen was responsible for words and phrases such as "winning", "tiger blood" and "warlocks" becoming part of popular culture, though chuckled, "It' so fu*king stupid. I'm in a beef with a warlock society? You're kidding me, right? How do you go from making Oliver Stone movies to being in a feud with warlocks?". The actor certainly has a history of shock behavior, though it began earlier than most fans would have predicted. Recalling one incident in which he took his father Martin Sheen's credit card to pay for a Las Vegas hooker, Charlie explained, "There's one thing circled [on the credit card statement], and it's $350. There's an arrow pointing to it and three words: 'What is this? He had gone back to my bedroom and was just waiting for me".
Based on the 2003 Jack Nicholson movie of the same name, 'Anger Management' premieres on the FX channel on June 28, 2012. Sheen plays a former minor league baseball player who overcomes his anger issues to become a "non-traditional" therapist.