Charlie O'Connell's starring role in reality TV show the bachelor is suffering more than just low ratings - he's also been branded degrading by disgruntled viewers.

This season, the actor brother of KANGAROO JACK star Jerry O'connell, is attempting to win over his bachelorettes in a fashion much less formal than that of bachelors past.

Rather than jet-set ski lodges and beach resorts, Charlie has brought his dates to a brewery, a bowling alley - and to his New York City apartment.

And while some fans have stepped out in praise of Charlie's new tactics on the show, a large number are far from impressed.

On posting on the show's website reads, "I think (Charlie) is the typical guy that most women try to avoid and yet these women are throwing themselves at him."

Another viewer says, "I don't get the feeling that he is really ready to settle down or serious about finding a long-term mate."

Other posts call Charlie "dumb," "gross," a "stinky slob," a "pig," and a "creep".

Some 7.5 million viewers watched Monday's (11APR05) episode, while the show peaked in 2002, with 16.8 million.

TV network ABC says that Charlie, who will make his final choice live on the show's finale next month (MAY05), is "dating two (of the) women now".

15/04/2005 02:56