Charlie Hunnam lost 35 pounds for his latest role.

The 38-year-old actor had to shed the huge amount of weight to play the role of a prisoner attempting to escape a remote island in new movie 'Papillon'.

He told Entertainment Tonight: ''I did this two times in a row. I did a film called The Lost City of Zedd and I lost 40 pounds for that exactly. I went from 185 to 145 exactly.

''I was down to 145 again for this [role], but I think I probably started at 180 so maybe [I lost] like 35 pounds.''

Charlie's co-star, Rami Malek, 38, admitted he was worried his co-star having to ''starve'' whilst on set.

Rami said: ''How can I not be [worried]? I mean it's a very intense experience as it is. Filmmaking, and this one especially, it's not the glitz and glam of Hollywood. We weren't out there going back to our trailers every two seconds.

''It's just out there sitting in the mud and hanging out and watching Charlie starve. So, I was a bit concerned, but he's alright.''

Hunky Charlie is used to having to go shirtless for projects he stars in, however it's not something he wants to continue for future roles.

He said: ''It's certainly not intentional and not something that I want to keep doing, but it seems to be a running theme. I don't know what that's about.''