Day insisted there was no way he'd consider any stuntwork but then his double broke a rib while tied to a mare.

"I was like, 'There's no way you're tying me to a horse!'" he tells WENN. "There was a stuntman who did one take with the horse pulling him and he broke a rib. The horse ripped him out as he was whipped around the corner tied to it."

So Day then had to finish the scene tied to a golf cart.

"That was not fun," he scowls.

The comedian didn't pull any punches when it came to fight scenes with Ice Cube either, with both stars revealing that's really them scrapping in the movie.

"I did actually have a week of fight training," Charlie explains. "They had to show me how to make a fist without breaking my thumb! I trained with a guy named Yves Edwards who is a big UFC guy. At one point we were doing the moves and he's like, 'Now you duck', and I'm going about two miles an hour and he accidentally hits the side of my head and almost completely knocked me out!"

"We had eight days of fighting...," Ice Cube adds. "It was gruelling but you can't have a movie called Fist Fight and have a little punk fight."

The film's director Richie Keen has challenged film fans to spot a stunt double in the fight scenes, stating, "These guys fought each other for eight days. I was blown away."

"It's been over a year since we shot it and my leg still hurts!" Day jokes.