Country great Charlie Daniels is far from happy his fiddling anthem THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA has become a tune on video game phenomenon GUITAR HERO III.
Gamers can now battle each other to Daniels' hit about a musician who competes with the devil for a golden fiddle.
Daniels, who doesn't own the rights to the song, says, "I would never grant permission for some company to create a video game version of a song I wrote, in which the devil wins a contest.
"I'm sorely disappointed with the company who owns the copyright for not policing the situation. As it is they have allowed these people to violate the very essence of the song.
"At this time I don't know if I have any legal recourse, probably not, but... I vehemently disagree with what has been done to a piece of my work.
"And I would like to pass along a little advice to parents of young children. This game looks innocent enough but, if you have a child who is playing it, take the time to sit with him or her while they're playing along and take a serious look at the images on the screen."