Country great Charlie Daniels has been boosting the morale of American troops stationed in war zones all over the world.

THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA star has just returned from a week-long, 16,000 mile (25,750 kilometre) trek to camps in Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq and Germany.

Daniels, joined by his namesake band, often performed three shows a day to meet the demand of troops who wanted to see them live.

He says, "I wish that all Americans could spend just one day among the brave men and women who defend this country in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"They live in constant danger in dusty, desolate desert camps, wearing body armour in sweltering weather, missing their loved ones.

"My trip only re-enforced what I already knew - the American forces are the finest in the world. I can't even articulate my love and admiration for them."

19/04/2005 03:08