Legendary country music star Charlie Daniels has assured fans he can still play his fiddle and guitar after suffering a mild stroke on Friday (15Jan10).
The Devil Went Down To Georgia musician was snowmobiling near his home in Colorado when he fell ill, and was rushed to a hospital nearby.
He had to be airlifted to the Swedish Medical Center in Denver to have further treatment and was allowed home on Sunday (17Jan10).
The music star is undergoing physical therapy to regain full feeling in his left hand - but at 73, he insists his music career isn't over.
He tells the Associated Press, "I can still play my fiddle. I can play my guitar. One of the first things I did when I came home from the hospital in Denver was to pick up my guitar and make sure my fingers still worked on it... I want to keep entertaining people."
Daniels blames his stroke on high blood pressure.
He explains, "It (my blood pressure) had gotten higher than what I realised it was. We have taken steps to remedy that, and we are back in the game."
But the musician insists health concerns won't slow him down: "It makes me realize that things can happen to you, but I choose not to sit around and worry about the possibility that I could have another stroke. It's not imminent by any stretch of the imagination... I want to go fishing in Alaska again. I want to go back to Israel, which I intend to do in March. I love riding snowmobiles. I love fishing. I love shooting guns. I do a lot of target shooting when I'm at home. I love horses. I love cowboys. What the heck, I may take up skydiving next, who knows."