RUSSELL CROWE struggled to accept his wife DANIELLE's decision to call their first son CHARLIE because the name has always been bad luck in his family.

The GLADIATOR star insists two CHARLIE CROWEs have met with unfortunate ends, and he thought his wife was crazy when she insisted on using the name.

He says, "It was one of the odd things, when Dani wanted to call the baby Charlie and I said, 'I don't think that'll go down very well in my family.'

"We've had two Charles Crowes. One died scuba diving at 17. The other, the uncle of my grandfather, died in the Battle Of Britain at 21.

"But Dani had an Uncle Charlie who moved from York to Hollywood and lived till he was 96. So I went on two things: a combination of genes and third-time lucky."

09/03/2005 10:32