Silent movie legend Charlie Chaplin was a violent father who often hit his kids, according to his daughter GERALDINE.

Geraldine, who played her father's own mother Hannah in a 1992 biopic of Chaplin - who died in 1977 - claims his family lived in fear of his fiery temper.

She says, "The house would shake. What upset him? Not having good school reports, bad behaviour or bad manners. We'd lock ourselves in our rooms and wait until things calmed down.

"Mummy would come upstairs and say, 'Your father wants to see you'. That would mean a spanking.

"I loved him very much but I was in awe of him. I was terrified of him at times. He was strict. As far as he was concerned he was the head of the family - the president."

02/09/2003 03:08