Silent movie stalwart Charlie Chaplin is to be portrayed by his granddaughter in a production at the Edinburgh Fringe FESTIVAL in August (03).

Oona Chaplin, 17, who is named after Charlie's fourth wife, will dress in her legendary relative's trademark baggy suit and will don a moustache, bowler hat and cane for the performance - an alternative take on SHAKESPEARE's classic A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM.

The teenage actress's mother GERALDINE - one of the actor's 11 children, by three of his four wives - persuaded Oona to accept the role, which initially she was reluctant to take.

Oona explains, "I have grown up with him all around and feel I know how he would act. But I would not dare to copy his style for no good reason. My mum explained how it would work in the play."

29/07/2003 02:34