Charlie Chaplin - The Hollywood legend Charlie Chaplin would have been 122 years old today (15th April 2011). Chaplin, best known for his classic black and white movies, is being remembered today on what would have been his 122nd birthday, reports the UK's Daily Mirror. Search engine Google have celebrated the day with a video doodle on their homepage.
In the short clip, Chaplin is moved on by a policeman after he is spotted reading a Google newspaper on a park bench. He later interacts with an artist painting a Google logo and then tries to sneak into an event without paying the admission fee. The actor, who was born in London in 1889, became famous for his oversized trousers and shoes, bowler hat and moustache. He will be best remembered for his popular character 'The Tramp'. Chaplin was recognised with a knighthood in 1975 and received three Academy Awards during his lifetime. He passed away on Christmas Day 1997 at his home in Vevey, Switzerland, but his body was later stolen from its grave.
Charlie Chaplin hit the headlines in October 2010 after an Irish filmmaker claimed that an extra in the actor's 1928 movie 'The Circus' could be seen using a mobile phone. The YouTube clip featuring the apparent 'time traveller' soon racked up several million hits.