Charlie Chaplin's actress daughter insists it's an honour to live in the shadow of the late silent movie legend.

Geraldine Chaplin has flown to the Cannes Film Festival to see MODERN TIMES, a documentary about her funnyman father, which features everything from his love affairs and four marriages to the films that became cinema classics.

She says, "I love that shadow. That shadow is the thing that keeps me alive. I would be lost without that shadow."

The actress, famed for her role in the 1965 epic Dr Zhivago, continues, "Having his name opened every door for me. It made things so easy. People loved him so much. They loved me - they wanted me to be good because I was his daughter and that still happens to me."

She adds of his legendary status, "I am sure it will live on as long as cinema exists and as long as people go to the movies.

"His films are so modern. If after 80 years this film is still completely modern, I'm sure that after 180 years it will be too."

23/05/2003 01:36