Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter Kiera Chaplin has leapt to the defence of troubled superstar Michael Jackson, insisting he is innocent of the child molestation charges against him because he's not a sexual person.

The model, singer and actress met the BAD star in the 1980s and was horrified when she later discovered the accusations against him, because he seemed too childlike to be interested in illegal sexual activities.

Chaplin tells America's NIGHT magazine, "He gave me one of his dolls. I remember him as being very sweet, very kind, very gentle. He was very shy, very quiet, very polite.

"I don't think he had sex with those kids. I don't think he seems like a sexual person.

"I think it was a little bit inappropriate for kids to come over and sleep at his house for so long, but I don't think he did anything bad."

06/06/2005 17:40