The original Charlie's Angels are planning to reunite for their own movie based on the classic TV series, in protest at being left out of Drew BARRYMORE's versions.

Barrymore teamed up with Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu to appear in the 2000 movie makeover, whose sequel enjoyed box office success in the summer (03).

And Kate Jackson has decided she wants to tell the story her way with fellow original Angels Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith, as Smith was the only one of the three to have been invited to make a cameo in Barrymore's renditions.

Jackson says, "Farrah and I started talking last year (02) and then we brought Jaclyn in on it and now - if we can get our schedules together - we're gonna do it. We figure we've got to.

"I heard a rumour that there two movies... That's what I couldn't understand; how they could have a Charlie's Angels movie and Charlie's Angels not be in it. I didn't get that."

08/12/2003 21:16