Charlie's Angels 2: FULL THROTTLE star Demi Moore has won favourable reviews for her stunning looks - but her acting skills have been slated.

The movie, which hit cinema screens in America last weekend (27-29JUN03), features the 40-year-old STRIPTEASE star in a small role as the evil ANGEL Madison, but very few critiques actually touch on Moore's performance - focusing instead on her looks.

The BOSTON GLOBE says, "Her wet hair shines like a seal's pelt, her teeth are whiter than Ron Howard, and you can still scrub clean an entire bathroom with that voice, but she's as humourless as ever."

A reviewer on magazine US WEEKLY writes, "Moore, looking incredible in the teeniest of bikinis, enjoys the splashiest of moments," white USA TODAY notes, "She out-babes the leads."

Meanwhile the NEW YORK TIMES offers, "The movie's conception of adulthood is to show that 40-ish Dark Angel, Madison, as being in such spectacular shape that she upstages the don't-darescratch-me red FERRARI she drives."

But there does seem to be one common opinion on Moore's much hyped comeback alongside Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and CAMERON DIAZ - her performance is unlikely to win her an OSCAR.

02/07/2003 02:35