Sexy former Charlie's Angels pin-up Farrah Fawcett is helping celebrate what would have been artist Andy Warhol's 75th birthday - by showing off her body.

The actress has teamed up with sculptor KEITH EDMIER to present a range of nude statues inspired by Fawcett, which are making up part of a new exhibition at the WARHOL MUSEUM in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The pieces were inspired by Edmier's childhood obsession with the actress, who he insists remains "the ideal woman and muse".

Fawcett, herself a budding sculptor, agreed to pose for Edmier as long as she could offer ideas as to how a joint project would take shape.

In August 2000, the project began with the idea of a sculpture of Fawcett, but encouraged by Edmier, she decided to make a portrait of him as well.

A pair of nude sculptures which the artists made of each other makes up the centrepiece of the Warhol 75th anniversary celebrations.

16/07/2003 09:34