Charlie's Angels: FULL THROTTLE director JOSEPH McGINTY had a secret weapon when it came to persuading stars to join the cast - the "magical vibe" of Drew BARRYMORE.

Drew, who produced as well as starred as Dylan Sanders in the action sequel, persuaded a host of stars, including Friends actor Matt LeBlanc, British comedian John Cleese and original Angel Jaclyn Smith, to appear in the movie.

Joseph, known as McG, enthuses, "No one can say no to Drew. She was our secret weapon. Whenever we wanted someone special to be in the picture we said, 'Let's bring them up to Drew's house and we'll have the dogs lick him.'

"There's a whole magical vibe that goes with her, so you've got no chance. She's the most special little trouper - charming and fabulous."

McGinty says persuading Demi Moore to come out of retirement and star as the Angels' nemesis is Barrymore's greatest achievement.

25/06/2003 21:05