LATEST: Charlie's Angels: FULL THROTTLE star Cameron Diaz is determined to stay at the top of Hollywood's earning tree after breaking all the records to become the highest paid actress in Tinseltown.

The 30-year-old girlfriend of pop hunk Justin Timberlake topped the list of the highest female earners with $40 million (GBP25 million) in one year, in a new survey compiled by the 2004 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS.

She beat off stars including former number one Julia Roberts, Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman, after taking top-paid roles in movies Gangs of New York and Shrek.

And the THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY is expected to keep up her lofty pay packet, as there's no sign of her taking a break from her hectic schedule in the near future. She is currently making SHREK 2 and will follow that with the comedy Fun WITH DICK AND JANE.

That means Diaz is likely to earn a staggering $64 million (GBP40 million) a year, which will keep her at the top of the Guinness list.

In the records taken from FORBES MAGAZINE for the year 2001/2002, Diaz is hotly followed by J.LO who took home a healthy $39.4 million (GBP24.6 million), and then Sandra Bullock, who earned $32 million (GBP20 million).

Explaining Cameron's appeal, a casting director tells British tabloid THE SUN, "Most actresses fit into one mould, either kooky or serious. But Cameron can do both equally well.

"It makes her much more marketable and means she isn't restricted to just one kind of film. Her possibilities are endless.

"She's very lucky. There are few actresses who can do both sorts of movies so well."

In other records, FRIENDS star Matthew Perry took home a staggering $816,000 (GBP510,000) for an appearance on axed show ALLY McBEAL - making him the highest paid TV guest star.

28/08/2003 01:49