Charlie's Angels movie maker McG has refused to direct the long-awaited Superman film after producers moved the shoot to Australia.

The director, whose real name is JOSEPH McGINTY NICOL, has "amicably parted ways" with Warner BROS film studios, because they disagreed over budget, casting and location.

McG explains, "When I flew to New York to scout, I became enamoured with our greatest American city.

"It was clear to me that this was Metropolis. As a filmmaker, I felt it was inappropriate to try to capture the heart of America on another continent. I look at Superman as a character that embodies all that is beautiful about America."

McG was the third director attached to the project. Originally Tim Burton was set to direct Nicolas Cage as the superhero, followed by Brett Ratner, who had ideas for Jude Law or Josh Hartnett to star.

12/07/2004 09:34