Sexy Charlie's Angels: FULL THROTTLE star Drew Barrymore is refusing to see her desperately ill father - because she can't forgive the way he treated her.

Drew cut all ties with 50s film star John Barrymore two years ago (01), after a blazing row at his Malibu, California, home. More recently, the WEDDING SINGER babe failed to attend a court hearing to determine who would care for the ailing actor.

John was wheeled into a Los Angeles mental health court to find out whether his son, Drew's half-brother JOHN BARRYMORE III, could be given the responsibility of providing day-to-day care for his father.

Barrymore's son understands why Drew doesn't want to play a part in her father's life, but wishes she would at least return his phone calls.

He says, "I don't know if Drew knows anything about this hearing. My father is in here a lot. I have tried to contact her through her people, as I don't have a contact for her directly.

"I would have liked her to be here but she just does not want to get into contact now. She is her own person and she can do what she wants.

"My father was not very nice to her and maybe she thinks what she is doing is enough."

Despite cutting emotional ties, the actress still shells out financially, paying around $48,000 (GBP30,000) a year for her father's care.

26/08/2003 13:46