Charli XCX has promised fans more ''boob and champagne pics''.

The 'Boom Clap' hitmaker insisted she'll post saucy photos of her ample assets and popping bottles of fizz if her fans follow her on the new social networking site Vero.

Writing on Facebook today (13.10.16), the star said: ''Hey Angels! I joined Vero so you can get closer to me. Ayyyyy. For more boob/champagne pics and movie/pizza recommendations follow me #joinmeonvero.(sic)''

The news comes after the 23-year-old singer-songwriter recently decided to ditch her lingerie because she's ''so over'' wearing knickers and bras and can't see the ''point'' in them.

Taking to her Twitter account, Charli posted: ''i'm so OVER wearing underwear. what's the point? (sic)''

And Charli recently admitted she only works out to look good in her skimpy outfits.

She said: ''I mean I like curves, and I don't really watch my weight too much. I'm into the gym but more for the outfits. When I say 'into the gym' ... I went to the gym for the first time last night, and I was way more into what I was wearing than what I was actually doing.''

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty - who is known for her eccentric fashion sense and wacky make-up - has admitted her style is something she's carved out herself over the years.

She said: ''It's really just how I feel. I don't really follow trends or anything like that, it's always just been about dressing for my mood and what I feel like.

''I mean I grew up from people like the Spice Girls, Britney Spears and Marilyn Manson so I draw inspiration from all of those things.''