Charli XCX's new album is a ''big pop party album to get f***ed up to''.

The 'After the Afterparty' hitmaker is known for her party animal persona and she has teased that her next record - the follow-up to 2014's 'Sucker' - will emulate that rather than her hatred towards the music business.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, she said: ''On my previous record, I was really annoyed at the music industry and felt like I had something to prove.

''After that, I didn't feel I had anything to prove anymore.

''Also one of my favourite hobbies is partying, and I realised that I never actually made a party album.

''I never made an album that I would want to hear at a club.

''It was very indulgent in that sense because I just wanted to make an album that I could get f***ed up to.

''It's the soundtrack to might nights.''

Meanwhile, the 24-year-old pop beauty - who previously admitted she looks like a ''zombie'' when she is drunk - is to treat her fans to a mixtape before her new record drops in May.

Charli has teamed up with both of her longtime collaborators SOPHIE and Stargate for her third studio album.

The 'Doing It' singer said she got them together because she wanted to mix their different styles to make a record of ''progressive pop music''.

Charli feels it is important for artists to ''shake things up'' from time to time and has been incredibly inspired by some of her collaborators.

She previously said: ''I think it always needs a shake up and I think multiple artists do that but I want to push it.

''I've been collaborating with people from PC Music so that's been very inspiring for me - the way they think about music and the way that they create music and transferring that into like a more pop realm is something that is cool and yeah, it's next level! I'm not really saying too much about it right now because I just want it to talk for itself. And it will.''