The Boom Clap singer realised she needed to rein in her wild partying ways for a while after she turned up to film an unnamed cooking show while hungover and was feeling so terrible she had to have a sick bucket within reach.

"I absolutely nearly vomited on the TV show," she told Britain's Daily Star newspaper. "And it was a cooking show, and they made (me) flip a pancake and try a load of breakfast cocktails.

"So I'm flipping a pancake, having a mimosa, with a bucket by my feet about to throw up... That was when I was: 'Maybe I should take a break from partying for a second.'"

The revelation comes shortly after the singer told her fans her New Year's resolution was "don't be so hungover."

The 24-year-old often documents her nights out on social media and says she doesn't care if she gets pictured coming out of club "getting f**ked up". But her loud behaviour does cause some concern for executives at her record label, who have made suggestions for ways she could come across more approachable and relatable on social media.

"I had a meeting with my label where they were like: 'Every Tuesday you should post a picture of you and a dog, because it will make people think you're more friendly,'" she explained. "I was like: 'Who got paid to f**king come up with that f**king idea?'"

To rebel against the advice, she posted a picture with a dog, like they asked, but told her fans in the caption she was only doing so because her label told her to so she "didn't look intimidating."