The 24-year-old British singer has been in the spotlight since she released her debut album True Romance in 2013, followed by Sucker in 2014, and she is now hoping for similar success with her upcoming offering.

Charli, real name Charlotte Emma Aitchison, released After the Afterparty, her first single from the as-yet-untitled album, on Friday (28Oct16), and told Billboard in an interview that the song sets the tone for the majority of the record.

"I just wanted to make a party record, and it feels like I finally unleashed my full inner-partier," she smiled to the publication. Recalling several "great party moments" over the past few months, the Fancy singer added: "After some PC Music (record label) show, we hired two limousines and were partying at 4 am. And then we were going back to my house, and then someone from PC Music was vomiting on my wall at my house in L.A. - which is great, but not so funny the day after!"

It's always been Charli's dream to make a record that goes down well in the club.

"I’m still constantly going through different phases as an artist, and I’ve never made a ‘club’ album, or a record you could play in a club and dance to," she revealed. "I came from warehouse parties when I was 16, so I always wanted to make an album like that."

It remains to be seen how well After the Afterparty does on the charts, as well as how the new record goes down with fans. But she explained to Billboard that she was desperate to make an album that could be considered "cohesive".

"One thing I definitely was thinking about a lot throughout making this record was less about the singles and more about making a really cohesive album," she said. "Even though True Romance and Sucker are things that I’m proud of, they were all done in quite quick amounts of time, with a lot of people by the end of it and some parts over email. With this album, it was really just me, SOPHIE, BloodPop and Stargate in a studio together, and that was something I definitely wanted to do."