Charli XCX is fed up of the ''assumptions'' that she doesn't write her own songs.

The 'Boys' hitmaker has called out the music industry for their treatment of female songwriters such as herself, Katy Perry or Taylor Swift.

She said: ''There's an assumption that girls don't write their songs, especially in the pop world. People don't believe that Katy Perry writes, or Taylor [Swift] - or, like, me.''

And the 25-year-old singer admits her songwriting is ''very unstructured'' as it reflects her ''messy and spontaneous'' life.

She added: ''My songwriting is very unstructured. It reflects my life and lifestyle, which is messy and spontaneous. I see the sound in waves of colour and it helps me with my lyric ideas.''

Charli has also opened up about suffering from panic attacks and admits they are ''amplified'' because of her status as a musician.

She shared to The Sunday Times' Style magazine: ''I still get them [panic attacks] every now and again. I don't know, definitely if I've been partying a lot, that will trigger anxiety, but sometimes it's to do with relationships with people, like if there's some kind of weird energy and I have to confront it, that will take me a second. Normal s**t that people just have. Humans are weird, you know.

''The thing about being a musician is that it amplifies things. So sometimes, if I have to go to an event or a party, I get nervous energy. I'm not good at putting that away. I'm not good at being 'on' if I don't want to be .. I'd be a terrible sports player. You know when you watch tennis and everyone is really composed. I would not be there, I'd be freaking out the whole time.''